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How to check which bolt pattern you have on your trailer.


Identifying Bolt Circle Patterns

The bolt circle diameter is sometimes referred to as P C D(Pitch Circle Diameter). It is usually measured in mm but most people use the normal inches standard measurement, i.e. 4 3/4 or 4.75 inches converts to 120.65mm. In day to day reference, you would say that, "My rim has a 5 X 4 3/4 wheel pattern." Meaning that the rim has five bolts or studs and an imaginary circle of 4.75 inches is formed by the lug pattern.

How To Measure Wheel Patterns

In our case, we will be talking mostly about the 4 1/2 Ford and the 4 3/4 inch Chevy bolt circle patterns. The accompanying pictures will illustrate how we measure these bolt circles.


As you observed in the picture the bolt circle is projected through the centerline of the holes or studs. On the FIVE bolt circle, the spacing is measured from the centerline of the top bolt to the base of the arc of the bolt circle at the bottom. Another way to estimate that distance is by taking the distance between the centerline of a bolt hole across to the back side of the hole.


Just for reference, we included the way the bolt circle distances are calculated for other bolt patterns.



**Please note: We commonly use 5 on 4 1/2 bolt pattern, but have in the past used each of the patterns.


Ford Pattern

       5 on 4-1/2     	5 x 114.3mm
       AMC Gremlin, Hornet, Pacer, Javelin, Matator, AMX
       AMC - most models (exc. Jeep) '40-'89
       Chrysler/DeSoto - all full size RWD cars (exc. Imperial) '37-'89
       Dodge van (to 1985)
       Dodge 1/2 ton PU (2WD to 1985)
       Dodge - all full size cars & P.U.'s '37-'89
             - Dart, Demon, Swinger '73-'80
       Ford 1/2 ton van (1960s-era Econoline and 1968-74 E100s)
       Ford Granada, Monarch
       Ford - All full size cars '49-'72; '79-'85
            - Fairlane '62-'79
            - T-Bird '55-'71; '77-'79
            - Mustang (5-bolt) '65-'73
            - Maverick 5-bolt all
            - Mustang SVO '85-'86
            - Ranchero '68-'84
            - Aerostar, Probe, Bronco II/Ranger to '89
       Honda Accord FWD (mid-90s - present)
       Lexus RWD
       Lincoln - all '70-'72; '80-'89
       Mercury - all full size cars '52-'54; '61-'72; '79-'85
               - Cougar '67-'79
       Mopar '73-up "A" body
       Plymouth - all full size cars '37-'89
                - Barracuda '70-'74
                - Duster, Valiant, Volare '73-'80
       Toyota 2WD pickup truck (Hilux, Tacoma)
       Toyota Camry 92-present

Ford Truck Pattern

       5 on 5-1/2     	5 x 139.5mm
       Ford F100/F150 late 1940s-1996; some F100s c. early 1980s have the 5 x 4.5 bolt pattern
       Dodge Ram 2WD pickup/van 150/1500 1986 - present 
       Jeep CJ to 1986 (includes J-series 1/2 pickups to 1973)
       International Harvester 1/2 ton pickups incl. Scout SUV to 1980
       pre-1960s era Mopars
       Lincoln RWD to 1960
       Toyota Landcruiser early 2000s

Chevy Pattern

       5 on 4-3/4       5 x 120.65mm
       Buick - Regal, Century, Special (most mid-size) '64-'80's
       Chevrolet - all (exc as noted elsewhere) '49-'89
       Corvette all
       Corvair '65-'69 5-bolt
       GM compact and midsize
       Oldsmobile - 442, Cutlass, F-85, Toronado
                    (most mid-size) '60's-'80's
       Pontiac - GTO, LeMans, Firebird, Grand Prix
                 (mid size) '64-'80's
Chevy also uses 5 on 5